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Vivitek QUMI Q5 best pico led projector

Projector Resolution Lumens Weight Connections Price
Vivitek QUMI Q5 Panoramic HD 500 490g HDMI, USB € 499
Vivitek QUMI Q7 Panoramic HD 800 1.4Kg 2xHDMI, USB € 747

The Vivitek QUMI Q5 and the QUMI Q7 are powerful, compact, and lightweight pico LED floodlights .

These handy little projectors come equipped with an LED technology lamp that lasts up to 30,000 hours, so we can forget about expensive replacement lamps. In addition, this LED lamp is quite powerful so we will not have to reduce the lights in the room to project, and we can make a larger image than with the rest of pico-projectors.

Both the Q5 and the Q7 are HD High Definition projectors and will give us high quality images. We can connect a USB memory and project a video or presentation without the need for a computer.

Choose your Q5 / Q7 projector in white, black, blue, yellow, red With the transport case of this led projector we can take it wherever we want in comfort. In addition we can also put an optional battery to avoid having to plug it into the power.

Choose your favorite color for the Vivitek Q5 (white, black, blue, yellow, red) or Q7 (white, black) pico projector and make a difference wherever you go .

Eric Sala
Sales Dept.
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