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What projector to buy for a Bar or a Restaurant?

The best projector for Bar / Restaurant Sometimes in restaurants or bars we find projectors that give a very dull image. They use an expensive home cinema projector but only get a dim image and poorly defined colors. And that is not because the owner has decided to save on the cost of the projector, but rather that he has not chosen it correctly: he has been misadvised.
With this article we want to prevent more owners from making mistakes when investing in a projector, and help them choose the best option for their bar or restaurant.
How to choose the best projector for a bar? There are 2 basic factors to take into account: · The most important is Brightness , the amount of brightness and intensity of color in the image.
· The Resolution , which will determine the degree of detail of the image (min. HD, FullHD recommended). A very high resolution projector (High Definition HD, Full HD or 4K) will provide us with a very high degree of detail, but if it is a model of home theater projector it will have low brightness, and the image will look dim and dull. On the other hand, when we want to project without being in the dark (as in a bar, restaurant or hotel), it is best to focus on the brightness of the projector: The brighter the projector, the more impressive the image we will obtain will be. Of course, there are projectors that combine both virtues (such as Epson G7900U, a Full HD with 7,000 lumens), but of course, we all know that a Ferrari is not cheap, and in most cases It is not necessary. To install in bars or restaurants , we recommend the following projectors (we have installed them in many places and the degree of satisfaction is total):
Proyector barResoluciónLúmensAncho PantallaPrecio
OPTOMA W460STHD 720p4200Hasta 2,2m£797
PANASONIC PT-VW540AJHD 720p5500Hasta 3m£978
PANASONIC PT-VZ580AJFull HD 1080p5000Hasta 3m£1,156
As they have high luminosity and High Definition HD or Full HD, all of them are An excellent option if we are going to project soccer from Digital + or Movistar + . The bigger we want to make the screen and the more light there is in the room, the more lumens we will need so that the image looks the way our customers want. As always, we remain at your disposal to answer questions, do not hesitate to ask! it's your money and you have to pay it off to the maximum ...
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