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World's First Projector with Integrated Digital Whiteboard

We are glad to announce to you before anyone else that Epson has just released 2 projector models ( EB-450Wi and EB-460i) with interactive whiteboard iterated .
These new projectors eliminate the need to purchase and install an interactive whiteboard separately , allowing significant savings in the total cost of this type of facility, which is increasingly common in classrooms in our country. Using infrared technology and its wireless electronic pen, these projectors turn any surface (the wall or a traditional blackboard for example) into a large interactive space , where the image is projected and at the same time acts as a digital whiteboard, detecting writing and strokes. with the electronic pen (which is included with the projector in the interactive models EB-450Wi and EB-460i). We are undoubtedly in front of a technological advance with high added value , which will reduce the costs of teaching in the present and the future, and will make things much easier for all schools, institutes and universities that until now saw their implementation very complicated, or too expensive to carry out. These are the 2 'Top' models of Epson's new line of Ultra Short Distance projectors, let's see the models that compose it and a comparison of its main characteristics:
Projector Resolution Lumens Interactive USB Panoramic Optics Price
EB-455Wi 450Wi WXGA 2500 Yes Yes Yes Ultra Short € 1,399 OFFER
EB-465i 460i XGA 3000 Yes Yes No Ultra Short € 1,575
EB-440W WXGA 2200 No Yes Yes Ultra Short € 1,150 OFFER
EB-450W WXGA 2500 No Yes Yes Ultra Short € 1,390
EB-460 XGA 3000 No Yes No Ultra Short € 1,440
All-in-one projector + Whiteboard: savings and simplicity
Until now, to have an Interactive Whiteboard system in a classroom it was necessary to purchase and order the installation of: 1) Projector (preferably short or ultra-short distance) 2) Digital whiteboard (which often forces to `` throw it away The existing one) Interactive Pen included in Epson projectors with Digital Whiteboard 3) Computer 4) Support for the projector 5) VGA video cable from computer to projector 6) USB cable from computer to whiteboard On the other hand, with these interactive projectors it is no longer necessary to purchase an interactive whiteboard, and they come with a Wall Mount and 5 meter USB cable included . We went from needing to purchase 6 elements to only 3 (projector, computer and VGA cable), which means a reduction in acquisition costs , as well as savings in costs and installation and start-up time. Being a simpler installation and with fewer elements, we also lower maintenance costs, as well as possible failures and the need for technical assistance, interruption of classes, etc. Connections Panel
Unlimited connectivity
The entire Utra Short Throw range provides maximum versatility and covers a wide range of different needs. Inputs: 2x VGA, 2x Audio, Microphone, Svideo, RCA, USB type A and USB type B, RJ-45 network (for remote management). Outputs: Audio, VGA return to monitor. WiFi via optional module that connects to the USB port. This makes it possible for, for example, any student to make a presentation of their work with their laptop, without connecting a cable or having to configure anything. In conclusion: Congratulations to Epson! this time it has surpassed itself and has lived up to its status as a world leader in the projector market.
Added 3/9/2010: Now you have the new Junction Box for Epson 450Wi, 460i, 455Wi, 465i, with everything you need to install them easily. The pack includes a box with VGA, USB and 3.5mm mini-jack Audio connections; and 10m VGA video cables, 10m Audio and 5m active extension cable to connect to the 5m USB cable that is included with the EB-450Wi and EB-460i projectors ( a 10m USB cable is cheaper and easier to install but it doesn't work: the USB standard is limited to 5m).
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